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10 Best Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh!!

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Arunachal Pradesh, situated in the northeastern part of India, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, diverse cultures, and rich heritage. It is known for its rich cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, and vibrant traditions. Plan your Trip to Arunachal Pradesh with Trip Adventurer!!!

10 Best Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh!!, Trip Adventurer
Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh:

  1. Tawang Monastery: Located in the town of Tawang, this ancient Buddhist monastery is one of the largest in India and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  2. Bomdila: A charming town known for its Buddhist monasteries, apple orchards, and the picturesque Bomdila View Point that provides breathtaking views of the Kameng Valley.
  3. Ziro Valley: Famous for its lush green landscapes and the unique Apatani tribal culture, Ziro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It hosts the Ziro Music Festival and offers trekking opportunities.
  4. Namdapha National Park: As one of the largest national parks in India, Namdapha is a biodiversity hotspot with a variety of flora and fauna. Trekking and wildlife watching are popular activities here.
  5. Dirang Valley: A peaceful valley with hot springs, apple orchards, and the picturesque Sangti Valley, known for its birdwatching opportunities.
  6. Sela Pass: A high-altitude mountain pass offering breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and a pristine lake, Sela Pass is en route to Tawang and is often covered in snow.
  7. Aalo (Along): Nestled along the banks of the Siyom River, Aalo is known for its orange orchards, the Ramakrishna Mission School, and the hanging bridge over River Siyom.
  8. Bhalukpong: Located on the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border, Bhalukpong is known for its scenic beauty, the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, and adventurous activities like river rafting.
  9. Roing: Situated on the banks of the Dibang River, Roing is known for its ancient archaeological sites, including the Bhishmaknagar Fort, and the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary.
  10. Mechuka: Tucked away in the Mechuka Valley, this remote destination is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is known for its traditional Monpa culture, the Mechuka Valley Festival, and the picturesque Samten Yongcha Monastery.

Visiting these places in Arunachal Pradesh not only offers a glimpse into the region’s natural beauty but also provides an opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity that defines this unique part of India. Before planning a trip, it’s advisable to check travel restrictions and local guidelines, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.  


Here are some activities you can enjoy in Arunachal Pradesh:

  1. Tawang Monastery: Visit the largest monastery in India and the second-largest in the world. Tawang Monastery is a significant Buddhist pilgrimage site and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.
  2. Sela Pass: Experience the beauty of Sela Pass, located at an altitude of 13,700 feet. The pass is known for its snow-covered landscapes, especially in the winter months.
  3. Nuranang Falls: Admire the scenic Nuranang Falls, also known as the Bong Bong Falls. It is a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, located near Tawang.
  4. Rafting on the Kameng River: Enjoy river rafting on the Kameng River, which offers thrilling rapids and stunning views of the Himalayan foothills.
  5. Gorichen Peak: For trekking enthusiasts, Gorichen Peak is a challenging yet rewarding trek. It is the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.
  6. Namdhapa National Park: Explore the biodiversity of Namdhapa National Park, known for its diverse flora and fauna. It’s a great place for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.
  7. Pankang Teng Tso Lake: This high-altitude lake is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and is a serene spot for photography and relaxation.
  8. Bomdila Monastery: Visit Bomdila Monastery, a Buddhist monastery that provides a peaceful environment and panoramic views of the Himalayas.
  9. Ziro Valley: Known for its picturesque landscapes and the unique Apatani tribal culture, Ziro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the Ziro Music Festival if you visit during that time.
  10. Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary: Discover the diverse wildlife of Arunachal Pradesh at Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, home to various species of birds, butterflies, and mammals.
  11. Trek to Mechuka: Mechuka is a remote town with a unique blend of Tibetan and Indian cultures. Trekking to Mechuka offers stunning views of the Mechuka Valley and an opportunity to experience the local way of life.
  12. Attend Tawang Festival: If your visit coincides with the Tawang Festival, immerse yourself in the local culture through traditional dances, music, and various cultural events.

Remember to check local regulations and permits, as certain areas in Arunachal Pradesh may require permits for tourists. Additionally, be mindful of the weather conditions, as they can vary based on the region and time of year.


Travel Tips:

  1. Permit Requirements: Arunachal Pradesh requires Indian citizens from other states to obtain an Inner Line Permit (ILP) or Protected Area Permit (PAP) to enter the state. Foreign tourists need a PAP, and it’s advisable to check the latest permit regulations before planning your trip.
  2. Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is during the months of October to April when the weather is relatively mild. Monsoon season (June to September) can be challenging due to heavy rainfall and landslides.
  3. Local Cuisine: Try the local cuisine, which often includes dishes made with bamboo shoots, local herbs, and rice. Apong (rice beer) is a traditional beverage to taste.
  4. Respect Local Customs: Arunachal Pradesh is home to diverse tribes, each with its unique customs and traditions. Respect local customs and seek permission before taking photographs in tribal areas.
  5. Transportation: The state is connected by road, but some areas may be accessible only by helicopter. Taxis and shared cabs are common modes of transportation within cities and towns.
  6. Clothing: Pack according to the weather, and include warm clothing if you plan to visit during the winter months. Lightweight and breathable clothing is recommended during the summer.
  7. Health Precautions: Carry a basic first aid kit and any necessary medications. Due to the remote location, it’s essential to be prepared for health-related issues.
  8. Language: English, Hindi, and Assamese are commonly spoken, but learning a few basic phrases in the local dialects can be helpful and appreciated.


Travel Deals:
  1. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs): Check popular travel websites such as Expedia,, MakeMyTrip, and others. They often have special promotions, discounts, and package deals.
  2. Travel Packages: Look for travel packages that include accommodation, transportation, and possibly guided tours. Some companies specialize in creating comprehensive packages for specific destinations.
  3. Travel Forums and Communities: Join travel forums and communities where members often share deals and tips. Websites like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, or Reddit’s travel-related subreddits can be valuable resources.
  4. Subscribe to Newsletters: Sign up for newsletters from travel agencies, airlines, and travel deal websites. They often send out exclusive deals and discounts to their subscribers.
  5. Flexible Dates and Off-Peak Travel: If possible, be flexible with your travel dates. Off-peak seasons might offer lower prices on accommodations and flights.
  6. Local Travel Agencies: Consider reaching out to local travel agencies or tour operators based in Arunachal Pradesh. They may have specialized knowledge and can offer customized packages.
  7. Compare Prices: Use multiple search engines and comparison websites to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. Prices can vary between platforms.
  8. Social Media: Follow airlines, travel agencies, and tour operators on social media platforms. They often announce exclusive deals and promotions through these channels.
  9. Credit Card Rewards: Check if your credit card offers any travel rewards or discounts. Some credit cards have partnerships with airlines or travel agencies.
  10. Government Tourism Boards: Visit the official tourism website of Arunachal Pradesh or the Indian government’s tourism board. They may provide information on current promotions or events.

Remember that the availability of travel deals can depend on various factors, including the time of year, demand, and external circumstances. Always verify the terms and conditions of any deals and ensure they align with your travel preferences and requirements. Additionally, consider checking travel advisories and entry requirements for the destination, especially in light of any ongoing global events or health concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is a permit required to visit?

Yes, an Inner Line Permit (ILP) or Protected Area Permit (PAP) is required for Indian citizens from other states. Foreign tourists need a PAP.

What is the best way to reach?

The nearest airport is at Tezpur (Assam), and you can also reach by road from Assam. It’s advisable to check the road conditions and permits before planning your journey.

What are the must-visit places in Arunachal Pradesh?

Some notable places include Tawang, Ziro Valley, Bomdila, Itanagar, and Namdapha National Park.

How is the weather?

The weather varies, but it generally experiences a temperate climate. Winters can be cold, and the monsoon season brings heavy rainfall.

Are there trekking opportunities?

Yes, Arunachal Pradesh offers various trekking routes, especially in places like Tawang and Mechuka. Always check local guidelines and hire experienced guides for trekking.

Remember to check for any updated travel information, permits, and local guidelines as they may change. For the latest travel deals, consider checking with travel agencies, online travel platforms, or contacting local tour operators in the region.

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